LIFT UPS is an OFF LINE UPS which has 3 main parts namely – Charger, Inverter and Batteries. As majority of Elevators use three phase power supply, the UPS also is three phase input and three phase output type. It means, the LIFT UPS takes three phase supply and feeds to Elevator simultaneously charging the batteries. In case of a power cut, the inverter turns on battery mode and generates three phase output to feed the load. This transition takes place within a time period of 15-20 seconds depending upon the configuration of the variable frequency drive (VFD / V3F) used by the elevator. (Renutron has recently developed a system such that the near zero transfer from utility to battery mode is possible for any type of VF drive) When the mains supply or utility gets restored, the elevator is transferred automatically to mains supply and battery charging starts. Depending upon the size and number of batteries the backup time can be extended from 2-3 Hours up to 8 Hours too.

While designing the Lift back up power solution various parameters such as normal power cut duration, type of Lift ( with or without VFD ), lift motor capacity, if the building is residential or commercial, number of floors & number of flats, usage of Lift and any other load such as staircase / parking / garden lights, water or fire-fighting pump CCTV or any other similar needs to be backed up are considered.

Renutron was one of the first few UPS manufacturing companies, which started exploring the idea of using Three phase UPS / Static Inverter for Elevator applications.

Today we have over 3500 successful UPS installations across India, for almost 150 different top brands of elevators. Undoubtedly we are the most experienced and leading company in this elevator back up / Lift UPS segment.

Advantages of Lift UPS over DG

  • Economic (Less initial investment for developer as well as less running cost for the society)
  • Compact in size, can be installed underneath the stair case or in Lift machine room )
  • Eco friendly – no air, noise pollution
  • Fully automatic – no manual intervention required
  • Safe – uses electricity unlike highly inflammable fuel - diesel, no moving parts so no vibrations and no worry of structural stability.

Lift UPS Features

  • Multiple lift options for townships
  • Single Phase Input
  • Auto Phase Corrector
  • Healthy Phase Selector
  • Customized solutions for twin towers
  • Green Energy Solutions with Solar PV Panels

Lift Inverter Compatible With All Brands

Renutron e-ARD – Emergency Auto Rescue Device

Normally if the DG set runs out of fuel the running lift may come to a standstill anywhere during the travel and the passengers inside the lift get locked inside the lift car till the time someone in the society performs the tedious manual rescue operation. This is especially dangerous for children, females and age old passengers or heart patients travelling inside the lift car. e-ARD is a device which not only updates the passenger inside the car that the lift is provided with a back-up but also if the lift is on mains or battery mode , how long the battery back-up will last and also prevents persons using lift to get trapped inside the lift in case if the battery gets exhausted. The device fitted in the lift car, has digital display and voice messaging facility too.

SMS Alerts

For township projects with multiple lifts having centralised back up, Renutron has yet another innovative solution. GSM Modem fitted inside the UPS, sends on-line SMS updates of Lift UPS to cell phones of concerned persons of each wing such as if the lift is running on battery mode, the cause of the status such as power cut, high low mains voltages single phasing or phase reversal etc. The nearest electricity sub-station number or toll free number of utility supply provider, next UPS preventive date or warranty expiry updates etc. Simultaneously the Modem also communicates some important parameters to Renutron Service In-charge and also logs service calls if any. In some cases the DATA from GSM modem enables us to prevent probable service breakdown that may occur by timely corrective action from our customer care team.

Lift Inverter Specifications

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Enquiry to After Sales Support Process


Understanding Need

Our customer first approach starts right from understanding the exact need of the user for which our sales executive and if necessary technical support executive does the site inspection.

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Proposing Solution

A techno-commercial proposal / solution / or its different alternative is submitted, any fine tuning if required from Customers perspective is again done.

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Site Inspection and Installation

After PO validation, our project Department carries site inspection and arranges the logistic, on site delivery, installation and commissioning.

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After Sales Support

24 x 7 Help line along with team of resident engineers well equipped with factory training, adequate spares assures any further assistance needed. The preventive maintenance team looks after the periodic maintenance of the tubular batteries. All the records / entire site history of all the UPS, is stored in centralised server for future references.

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Post Warranty Service

Platinum, Gold and Silver - these are the three options available for post warranty services

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Renutron's back-up system is found to be very useful by our clients. Installing only one system for two lifts is cost-effective in respect of battery change and maintenance charges. Moreover when there is a power outage, only one out of the two lifts becomes operative on a Lift Either-Or basis..... Read More
Mr.Shankar Gavade Chairman and M.D.
Vishwakarma Builders AND Vishwakarma Group
Renutron - True professionals with great taste in innovative technology specially your Graphical EARD (Display). This is very unique and user friendly feature with your Lift UPS. It's been 3 years since we are using Renutron UPS systems, When I took the decision to use UPS system.... Read More
Mr.Varaprasad Reddy Chairman - Siri housing Pvt ltd,
Bangalore, India
My experience is that RENUTRON is a company that provides dedicated, innovative & customized UPS solutions such as minimal costs, society-wise separate billing, built-in redundancy and centralized back-up systems. I have found that on all my project sites, RENUTRON conducted a technical study .... Read More
Mr. Abhijit Magdum Chairman & Managing Director...
Bhima Builders and Developers.

Renutron Advantages

In-house R & D

The in house R & D set up of RENUTRON has over 20 Years of experience . Any specific requirement of Customer is addressed smoothly. Our EARD, GSM Modem to SMS UPS status to the user and Energy efficient Power factor corrected designs are outcome of R & D.

Operational Excellence

We are an ISO 9001 certified company since 2000, the field proven 98% uptime is a result of our QMS culture. We set and challenge our own quality standards. The quality tools such as RCA, KAIZEN, waste management, 5S & visual factory are being used for continual improvement.

Customer First Approach

Wide spread network of factory trained resident engineers, adequate service stock, product history from expert services from HO, standby arrangement and various options of warranty & post warranty services, the focus is always "Customer First", it ensures maximum on site uptime

Legacy of 22 years

22 years in designing, manufacturing and onsite services of Power Conditioning Solutions distinguish us from others. With over 3500 Lift Back up for over 150 different make of elevators with or without drives, various type of medical, industrial and IT loads, we have an unique expertise in the domain.

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